Thursday, July 15, 2010

french provincial style dresser

French Provincial Dresser

First, we love coming across these french provincial style dressers. They are well-built and look great in just about any color.

We came across six different styles in a matter of three days and we were super excited! This is my favorite piece because it needed the most work. As you can see the drawers are all different and there is one lonely handle. Luckily, the owner had another set of handles that he had never put on…

So, we started but lightly sanding it down and changing the handles. Once that was done we wiped it down with a wet rag and waited for it to dry.

Once dry we started the painting process.

We Like to use American Accents Canyon Black Satin Paint and we also used a paint sprayer on this piece.

Below is a picture of the dresser after we finished spraying it… It was nice and black but it still needed something

It needed a little distressing.. What a difference! We love it! For distressing we used a sanding block and went around the edges. Once the distressing was finished we put a finishing wax on for a nice smooth finish!

We worked on all six pieces in one day and I must say my arm was killing me! But well worth it!


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