Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dresser to Bench

Well, we know is has been ages since we have last made a post so here goes...

We picked up a dresser a few weeks ago and it was missing a few drawers. We saw the potential it had in it that others missed. So, we decided to make a bench! 

We forgot to get a before picture of the dresser because I, Kamille, was to impatient to start the demo :)

This is a picture where you can see how the bench is going to look. We took the top off and all the drawers out. We then cut the top down to fit as the bench top (always reuse as much as you can). 

We were going to put the drawer facings on the back and sides but since the dresser was missing some drawers we did not have enough. Luckily, we had some bead board we bought for a different project so we measured and cut to size. Top of the tops with some molding and we are almost done! 

We gave it a nice coat of our favorite blue. Added some new hardware and topped it off with some burlap pillows. 

What do you guys think? We have had some good feedback on facebook already! 

This can be purchased at Timeless Furnishings, 1918 Chester Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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